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Oct 05 2017

LIFE ECO TILES at 10th ACI/RILEM – 2-4 October 2017 – Montreal (Canada)

ECOTILES was present at the 10th ACI/RILEM International Conference on Cementitious Materials and Alternative Binders for Sustainable Concrete (ICCM 2017), a specialized workshop by invitation which took place in Montreal, Canada, organized by the Université de Sherbrook, the American Concrete Society and the Centre de Recherche sur les Infrastructure en Beton (CRIB). At the meeting, the latest available scientific and technical information were highlighted in the field of alternative and sustainable binders and supplementary cementitious materials, for which research is growing in importance. During the conference, advances on case studies on the use of glass in concrete were presented, giving the chance to enter in contact with researchers working in topics close-related to the ECO TILES project. An installation of special concrete-based sidewalks containing glass waste was presented as an innovation requested by the Canadian government to overcome the surplus glass waste in the cities as well as deal with extreme icy conditions of the sidewalks in the winter. EU-based companies dealing with cement were interested in learned about the ECO TILES project and have been inserted in the mailing list of the project for further contacts.

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