Università degli Studi di Camerino


The Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology (GMP) group at University of Camerino is actively involved in research projects for the study of geomaterials both in themes close to basic research and in applicative problems. The expertise of the group resides in the chemical and structural characterization of crystalline materials (both natural and synthetic compounds), glasses (silicate glasses and melts), pigments, ceramics and cements.
Experimental facilities allow also the synthesis of glasses and compounds at high temperature and pressure. These studies find interest and applications in a wide range of subjects, from geosciences to new materials technology, from archaeology to materials science. ECOTILES Project coordinator is prof. Eleonora Paris (

Grandinetti Srl

The Grandinetti company was established at the beginning of 1900 in San Severino Marche (Italy) and is leader in the production of the traditional marble chip tiles and cement tiles.
The century-old experience combined with a natural talent for innovation makes Grandinetti a leading company in Italy for the production of conglomerates and coverings. Evidence of the commitment to innovation is the introduction of technology single-layer technology (one of the first companies in the world) and the realization of various patents (the “microcamere-curing” process for tiles and a new kind of press for the production of monolayer tiles).
Grandinetti is also the first and still the only company in the world that produces monolayer cement tiles, with about 70% of the market in Italy and 30% in Europe and in the rest of the world (Russia, Israel, USA…)