The general objective of the LIFE ECO TILES project is to contribute to the achievement of EU 2020 goals on waste and resource efficiency, reducing emissions, waste, impacts on human health and the environment. To this end, LIFE ECO TILES will adopt a life-cycle approach, enabling the identification of all possible improvements throughout the product’s life-cycle stages.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate an innovative methodology that integrates promising research results to produce a new generation of tiles made almost entirely (up to 70%) with recycled materials and with substantially lower environmental impacts compared to current best-in-market products. Main innovations are related to: the creation of pozzolan cement made with CDW and/or construction waste precursors (15% weight of the tile); the substitution of aggregates with recycled glass (around. 50-60% of total weight); the production of high-grade precast products; and the adaptation of a patented low-energy production process (less than 20% compared to current state of the art);
  • Demonstrate using a set of well-designed testing and validation activities on 300 m2 of demo products the improved environmental performance in the production process of precast products, through the re-use and recycling of several streams of urban waste as well as lower energy consumption;
  • Build and maintain a collection and valorisation network in the Marche region (with a focus on CDW, production of building material and glass), including fostering of green public procurement;
  • Increase awareness of the improved eco-innovative solutions among the general public, policy-makers and in the European industry, focusing on the environmental and economic advantages as well as on the technical feasibility of innovations such as LIFE ECO TILES.