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Oct 17 2017

LIFE ECO TILES at Macerie nel Cratere: la Gestione Sostenibile – Ascoli Piceno – September 29 2017

The 29th of November SpazioAmbiente and the municipality of Ascoli Piceno (Italy, Marche) hosted the 2nd “Macerie nel Cratere” meeting. The meeting aims to frame the technical-legal state of post-earthquake rubble management and illustrate the most innovative ways to recycle Construction and Demolition Waste in order to foster CDW and recycled CDW products into the market. The meeting featured several speech from local and national administrators to non-profit associations and technical operators in the waste management field. At the end of the meeting Robertino Perfetti, head of SpazioAmbiente and moderator,  introduced to the audience a couple of example of CDW recycling projects, the LIFE ECO TILES project among them.



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