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May 11 2017

Workshop “Ambiente e Rifiuti” May 23, 2017

On May 23, 2017, at the Earth Science Center in Camerino, the “Ambient e Rifiuti: innovazione, esperienze ed opportunità della progettazione europea” workshop took place. The workshop was born from the joint collaboration of the Camerino University and the Grandinetti s.r.l. company with the aim of illustrating to the local companies the possibilities and advantages of EU founding and in particular the LIFE programme founding, turning 25 this year ( The dense agenda of the day included a series of speeches aimed at illustrating some examples of UE funded projects (ECOTILES and SANITSER) and outlining the guidelines for a correct and successful strategy for requesting Community funds.
The event surprisingly raised great interest among the students from Science and Technology faculty who saw in this event an opportunity to learn how research and innovation can tread along multiple channels (e.g. institutions, companies, consultants) in constant communication with each other. Attendees interest has also been confirmed by massive turnout at the Grandinetti s.r.l factory in San Severino Marche, a visit that ended the day of work.

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